No concrete flooring product provides more protection than polyurea floor coatings from ArmorThane. They supply the best polyurethane and polyurea products in the industry, and their floor coatings come with unmatched protection against constant wear and tear. ArmorThane's products last longer than their traditional counterparts because of their unique chemical formula.

The longest-lasting protection comes from their polyurea coatings for concrete flooring in schools, large office buildings, or garages. Traditionally, many contractors and developers have gone with epoxy for their concrete flooring, but polyurea is the most advanced option that lasts longer, looks better, and dries faster. When you want a floor coating that will hold up, contact ArmorThane for your supply.


As with all floor coatings, the number one function of polyurea coatings from ArmorThane is to protect your floor from the elements. It may sound easy to protect concrete given its nature, but even the hardest materials wear down over time due to physical and elemental forces. However, with a polyurea coating, you'll ensure that your concrete features have protection for decades.

Unlike other coatings, there's little chance that you'll have to coat a single floor more than once due to their coatings' near-impenetrable chemical makeup. Water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive or eroding substances won't be able to penetrate a properly applied polyurea coating. With the seal lasting for decades, there's little chance that your concrete will ever start to erode. Part of what helps make the coating so impenetrable, and what sets it apart from certain competitors, is that it's flexible in the cold. 

Other coatings will crack when temperature changes cause concrete to expand and contract, paving the way for the deterioration of the coating and eventually the floor. Polyurea expands and contracts with the surface of your floor, ensuring your concrete won't start to break down with the first winter. This is one reason that your choice of protective floor coating becomes a critical consideration for contractors doing large commercial businesses or neighborhood developments. Entire structures can start to break down within a matter of years, should you choose the wrong protective coating.

Not only can other coatings start to crack and flake after a handful of winters, but they don't do well in sunny weather either! This should be a huge drawback for any contractor developing a home, school, hospital, or business that will likely feature stone flooring or anyone working in a residential area with many painted driveways. Even if epoxy coatings hold up to protect the surface of your flooring, they'll start to deteriorate in other ways when exposed to sunlight. Your beautiful floors will start to take on a yellow tinge in any room with a fair amount of natural light. However, polyurea coatings don't absorb UV rays, so you should never see any discoloration in the coating.


As a general contractor or developer who works with concrete flooring, your product is continuously displayed for future clients. Having any major work turn out badly because you chose the wrong protective coating could spell disaster for your business and its reputation. Make the right choice for your next project and contact ArmorThane for all your concrete floor coating needs.

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