May 27, 2021


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No concrete flooring product provides more protection than polyurea floor coatings from ArmorThane. They supply the best polyurethane and polyurea products in the industry, and their floor coatings come with unmatched protection against constant wear and tear. ArmorThane's products last longer than their traditional counterparts because of their unique chemical formula.

The longest-lasting protection comes from their polyurea coatings for concrete flooring in schools, large office buildings, or garages. Traditionally, many contractors and developers have gone with epoxy for their concrete flooring, but polyurea is the most advanced option that lasts longer, looks better, and dries faster. When you want a floor coating that will hold up, contact ArmorThane for your supply.


As with all floor coatings, the number one function of polyurea coatings from ArmorThane is to protect your floor from the elements. It may sound easy to protect concrete given its nature, but even the hardest materials wear down over time due to physical and elemental forces. However, with a polyurea coating, you'll ensure that your concrete features have protection for decades.

Unlike other coatings, there's little chance that you'll have to coat a single floor more than once due to their coatings' near-impenetrable chemical makeup. Water, chemicals, salt, and other corrosive or eroding substances won't be able to penetrate a properly applied polyurea coating. With the seal lasting for decades, there's little chance that your concrete will ever start to erode. Part of what helps make the coating so impenetrable, and what sets it apart from certain competitors, is that it's flexible in the cold. 

Other coatings will crack when temperature changes cause concrete to expand and contract, paving the way for the deterioration of the coating and eventually the floor. Polyurea expands and contracts with the surface of your floor, ensuring your concrete won't start to break down with the first winter. This is one reason that your choice of protective floor coating becomes a critical consideration for contractors doing large commercial businesses or neighborhood developments. Entire structures can start to break down within a matter of years, should you choose the wrong protective coating.

Not only can other coatings start to crack and flake after a handful of winters, but they don't do well in sunny weather either! This should be a huge drawback for any contractor developing a home, school, hospital, or business that will likely feature stone flooring or anyone working in a residential area with many painted driveways. Even if epoxy coatings hold up to protect the surface of your flooring, they'll start to deteriorate in other ways when exposed to sunlight. Your beautiful floors will start to take on a yellow tinge in any room with a fair amount of natural light. However, polyurea coatings don't absorb UV rays, so you should never see any discoloration in the coating.


As a general contractor or developer who works with concrete flooring, your product is continuously displayed for future clients. Having any major work turn out badly because you chose the wrong protective coating could spell disaster for your business and its reputation. Make the right choice for your next project and contact ArmorThane for all your concrete floor coating needs.

May 21, 2021


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Polyaspartic floor coatings are meant for heavy-traffic industrial and commercial flooring as well as residential garage floors. They have exceptional reliability, and they can also be installed speedily and conveniently. That is why this kind of floor coating system has captured the attention of many homeowners. Sometimes it is even considered for outdoor spaces, which is perfectly fine, although you have to note a few concerns to ensure an appropriate application.

In this article, we will discuss a few considerations you should consider when using polyaspartic coatings outdoors.


In general, polyaspartic coatings can be applied on various surfaces like one-day garage floors and institutions like schools and clinics. But despite this versatility, there are several types of environments where a polyaspartic coating would not be suitable. You should avoid using this type of coating in areas where a breathable concrete sealer is needed. Such applications typically include driveways or exterior stamped concrete. Remember that polyaspartic coatings are designed to provide protection. But when these are not used properly, the coatings' surface may not breathe and preferably exhibit moisture challenges.

But polyaspartic coatings work quite well outdoors as well. Installers can dilute the coating to make it breathable and more suitable for outdoor spaces. This indicates that polyaspartic coating can be applied to thicknesses of less than six mils, enabling it to become absorbent and breathable.UV Resistant Weatherproof Outdoor Tough Flooring


It no longer comes as a surprise why polyaspartic coatings are also being considered for outdoor use. Their advantages are hard to ignore. Installation is quick and easy, and the quality of the material is long-lasting. Polyaspartic coatings don't require much upkeep either. 

ArmorThane, one of the most well-known coating applicator companies globally, can deliver excellent results for garage floors, commercial kitchens, and bathrooms. ArmorThane utilizes high-quality materials and observes industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Call them or fill out their contact form to request a free quote. 

May 17, 2021

Concrete Paint VS Polyurea & Polyaspartic Coatings

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Polyurea Out-Performs, Out-Shines, And Out-Lasts Concrete Paints.

When you pick a new floor coating for your garage, one of the first things you will weigh is the cost. Because of this, many homeowners first look into cheap epoxy DIY kits or even just concrete paint. While both of these products are far from worthless, they are not a great choice for high traffic areas, such as a garage floor. Today we will discuss a few of the key differences between concrete paints and polyurea coatings.

Concrete Paints & Epoxy Coatings

As two of the major DIY systems, you can find these products at your local big chain hardware store. Both are also great for small areas that need a temporary coating or areas that won’t be receiving heavy or heated traffic. Driving your vehicle into the garage will almost certainly ruin either of these coatings, particularly on hot tires. Even regular foot traffic causes too much friction for these thin and flaking coatings. Another huge problem with these DIY kits is that the prep often requires acid etching, which is inconsistent and dangerous to your concrete flooring.

Polyurea & Polyaspartic Coatings

These coatings are specially produced for garage floors and can only be applied by experts. The ArmorThane team uses proper diamond grinding to ensure that your floor is properly prepared. Additionally, these coatings are made of several layers that interlock collectively to create a powerful surface that won’t be disrupted by heavy or regular traffic. To find out more, click here to contact ArmorThane today!

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