Flooring Applications

When commercial and industrial floors take abuse,
ArmorThane Polyurea and Polyurethane sprayed-on and
roll-on coatings make more sense than other products.
Surfaces are repaired and protected long term against
cracking, corrosive chemicals and the wear from heavy foot
or wheel traffic. Many products are even less expensive
than comparable epoxy coatings with better durability.
Whether coating a new structure or repairing damaged
floors, ArmorThane is the best choice.

Floor Coating Benefits for New and Old
Because our products have different attributes, it is easy to
guard against the various use and environmental
circumstances that might be harmful for a floor. For
example, a showroom needs to be attractive, easy to clean
and avoid abrasion with movement of merchandise. An
auto garage or chemical plant requires flooring that resists
corrosion or caustic spills. A veterinary floor is scrubbed
constantly so coatings must be waterproof and scratch
resistant to prevent spread of bacteria or disease. A hotel
indoor pool needs anti-slip particulates. A commercial dock
opens liability with splinters in wood flooring. We have a
solution for these problems and more.

Flooring Design Choices
Even industrial flooring should be both attractive and highly
durable. ArmorThane products can be pigmented to a
matching color or used as a design accent. If color
retention in UV exposed areas is important, we offer both
UV stable topcoats and aliphatic polymers to prevent
fading. Quick-dry options can incorporate creative designs
such as faux tile or brick and logos. Being both attractive
and durable, our coatings are often used in residential
Concrete, Wood and More
While applied to many substrates, commercial and
industrial underlayment is typically concrete or wood.
 Crack resistance
 Chemical resistance
 Seamless waterproofing
 Anti-slip, skid resistance
 Extreme weatherproofing
 Warp and rot resistance
 Splinter elimination
 Aliphatic, UV fade resistance
 Noise and vibration reduction
 Scratch, dent, abrasion resistance
 Stands up to heavy foot traffic
 Safe for wheel traffic

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