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Coatings: ArmorFloor


ArmorFloor is a two component, aliphatic polyester polyurethane for use in moderate to severe chemical environments in indoor or outdoor applications.


Chemical Resistance
Impact Resistant
Color and Gloss Retention

Typical Uses

Pedestrian Traffic
Vehicular Traffic
Power Generating Plants
Storage Tanks
Food Processing Facilities
Petrochemical Plants
Steel Structures & Bridges
Aircraft Hangars
Milling and Mining Industry


Manufacturing Plants
Pulp and Paper Industry
Warehouse Floors


Grey, or clear with a high gloss finish. Custom colors are available. Contact ArmorThane for more information.


5 gallon (19 liter) kit:
1 five gallon pail, net fill 2 gallons (8 liters) of Part A
1 five gallon pail, net fill 3 gallon (11 liters) of Part B

1 gallon (3.78 liter) kit:
1 gallon can, net fill 0.44 gallons (1.66 liters) of Part A
1 gallon can, net fill 0.56 gallons (2.12 liters) of Part B

ArmorFloor may not be diluted under any circumstance. ArmorFloor Part A and Part B should be mixed individually before combining. Add Part B to Part A while mixing, using a mechanical (Jiffy) mixer at medium speeds. Mix until a homogenous mixture and color is obtained (at least 5 minutes), and mix frequently during application to maintain uniform color. Use care to scrape the sides of the container when mixing to ensure that no unmixed material remains.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be free of oil, grease, dirt, and other contaminants.

Existing Coatings: A test area should be completed before topcoating.


Concrete: Pressure wash (2-3000 psi) with clean, fresh, water in conjunction with biodegradable cleanser if necessary to remove all contaminants. Surface shall be dry and free of all oils, wax, or any loose sealers or coatings.

Surface temperature should be between 15.5-17.7oC (60-100oF). Do not apply product unless temperature is at least 5o above the dewpoint. Recoat schedule is 8-48 hours, depending on environment.


Check area of application to ensure that it conforms to the substrate requirements as stated in the general guideline section. Prime interior and exterior floors and slabs.

Apply ArmorFloor pigmented to the substrate at a rate of ½ gallon per 100 square feet (1.9 liters per square meter). Additional coats may be necessary to achieve desired results.

ArmorFloor is a high-performance coating and may become slippery when wet.

Airless Sprayer: Use a Graco 28:1 pump or higher, Binks “Airless” spray gun with Reverse-Clean 0.017-0019 spray tips and 3/8” solvent resistant fluid line. Adjust pump pressure to the lowest possible setting that provides proper atomization. Equipment of equal performance is acceptable.

Conventional Spray: Variation of conventional production spray equipment such as pressure pot, air assisted airless or high volume, low pressure systems as supplied by Binks, Graco, Nordson, Devilbiss, or equal may be used.

Brush: Use solvent resistant phenolic core, short nap sheepskin, or equal natural roller covers.


Equipment Clean-Up

Equipment should be cleaned with water, detergent or environmentally safe solvent, as permitted under local regulations, immediately after use.


ArmorFloor has a shelf life of 6 months from date or manufacture in original, factory sealed containers.


ArmorFloor should not be applied in areas where the surface with come into continual contact with water.

Do not mix more material than can be used in 60 minutes.

The uncured materials used in ArmorFloor are very sensitive to heat and moisture. Higher temperature and/or high humidity will accelerate the cure time. Use caution in batch sizes and thickness of application. Low temperature and/or low humidity extend the cure time and the use of accelerators may be necessary.

Each application phase to an area should be done in one complete step. A continuous application will ensure a smooth and level coat with no lines or streaks.

Material remaining after application must be tightly sealed to protect it against curing in its container.


This product contains isocyanates and solvent.


Part A of this product is considered Dangerous Goods. DOT Regulation classify as: Paint Related Materials, Class 3, UN 1263, Pkg. Grp. III, Flammable Liquid.

Technical Data

0.4 GAL PER SQ. FT. (0.163 L/M2)
Dry Film Thickness, per coat @ ½ gal per sq. ft.
5 +/- 2 mils, 127 +/- 50 mic
Pot Life at 24oC (75oF)
60-75 minutes
Flash Point
32.7oC (91oF)
Total Solids by Volume, ASTM D-2697
Volatile Organic Compounds, ASTM D-2369-81
2.8 lbs/gal, 337 gm/liter 

Chemical Resistance (ASTM D-814)

Distilled Water
Unleaded Gasoline

99% Butanol 
Skydrol Jet Fuel


Hydraulic Oil


Motor Oil

Butyl Acetate 




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